Brian knows his ales from his lagers and has the cred to back it up.

Born and raised in Northern Minnesota, our Head Brewer and Co-owner, Brian, knew he’d found his calling after dabbling in homebrewing while still in college. He knew one day he wanted to open a craft brewery. After graduation, Brian went the extra mile (literally) and attended two of the most respected educational programs, in the world, specializing in craft beer. After completing those rigorous programs, Brian took his passion for craft beer, and his impressive education back home, and went to work in local breweries. In 2012, Brian’s dream came true; he opened Blacklist with two business partners. Since that time, his beers have won several prestigious craft beer awards.

Favorite Blacklist Beer: Classic Wit (but, he’s a sucker for our special releases that are only available in the taproom).



Co-owner. TJ Estabrook is a practicing tax lawyer with a love and passion for craft beer. It was TJ’s dream to one day be a craft brewery owner. In 2015, TJ was presented with the opportunity to become an owner of Blacklist Brewing Co. which he quickly jumped at. TJ is actively involved in the day to day operations of Blacklist with a primary focus on distribution and product development.

Favorite Blacklist Beer: Spruce.